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The wellness movement is on the verge of a revolution based on each person’s genetic activity. The Digital Genome Market to hit $45bn by 2024 alone.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1. Activate

Simply log on to targetedskin.com/activate and follow the instructions to activate your kit using the barcode and return the kit using the ship label included.

Step 2. Analyze

Our team of scientists will analyze your DNA for skin appearance and aging traits.

Step 3. Explore

You will receive your comprehensive DNA report and information about your genetically recommended products that can help you achieve optimal skin health.


Targeted Wellness is our broadest and most comprehensive category, helping consumers consider all aspects of their Health, Nutrition and Fitness, and unlocking the astonishing power of your DNA.

We encourage individuals to go beyond simply tracking your steps, and making your next workout full-spectrum and specific to you. With actionable and personalized fitness insights, your DNA can help you reach your full potential.

Sharpen the focus on your healthcare with hereditary condition and wellness screening. Backed by rigorous science and clinical testing, these products can provide insights for you and your doctor.

Now you can eat a healthy diet best suited to your genetic makeup, your metabolism, and your lifestyle. Turn DNA insights into easy-to-make food decisions for balanced meals that make your body happy.

DNA Test Report Includes

Cholesterol, Diabetes, Allergies, Metabolism, Nutritional Needs

Example Products Include:

  • Supplementation
  • Meal planning
  • Weight Management
  • Weight Loss
  • Fitness and Diet Guidelines


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